Thursday, 1 June 2017

Calm During the Storm - stitching session

We met at Ashton Art Gallery to stitch modern interpretations of the silk postcards sent home by serving soldiers during the First World War.

These postcards were very popular with British soldiers who often sent them home, enclosed in a letter.  The exhibition illustrates how the skill of stitching continued throughout the World Wars, even when the threads and materials were scarce.

This beautiful cushion cover was worked by Katherine Powell, who was born with only one hand and spent the First World War painting numerals and letters on compasses for the Royal Flying Corps:

Here is a selection of samplers produced during the First World War by Louise Pesel, who canvas work designs were used to produce embroidery packs for servicemen:

Two large, beautifully hand stitched banners:

We attracted a range of interested people who wished to stitch a flower, similar to those on the postcards, to show their appreciation of beautiful work, created in some very challenging circumstances.

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  1. Very interesting exhibition which has been imaginatively curated by Ashton gallery staff. Good to see people stitching in the gallery as well!


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